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Merchant PCI Compliance Program

In response to the overwhelming occurrences of cardholder fraud and identity theft, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was created by major credit card companies to safeguard customer information.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and other credit card associations mandate that merchants and service providers meet certain minimum standards of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder data. Unfortunately, the process of demystifying the rules and obtaining PCI compliance is often confusing. At TriSource Solutions, we understand your concerns and are pleased to offer a program designed to make it less frustrating to understand and achieve PCI compliance.

TriSource Solutions partners with ControlScan to provide you with straightforward, easy to understand tools and support for achieving PCI compliance. If you don’t have a data security policy or process for password controls, we’ll provide one for you. Having trouble figuring out why a system scan is required or where you are vulnerable? ControlScan’s experts are there to assist. Our program even provides you optional insurance just in case your systems should be compromised.

While many vendors offer PCI services, we chose to partner with ControlScan because of their dedication to serving small- and medium-sized e-commerce and retail merchants. ControlScan’s unique and personalized approach to helping merchants achieve PCI compliance is the differentiation you deserve.

For more information, please contact your TriSource Solutions representative at 800.697.0480.

ControlScan Program Overview

  • ControlScan’s weekly and on-demand scanning (for one IP address)
  • PCI Tookit Powered by CSRSI-automated Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Optional Breach Protection: coverage up to $50,000
  • Support achieving compliance

PCI Toolkit

The PCI Toolkit provides your business with a host of valuable tools including:

  • An online, intuitive Self Assessment Questionnaire written in easy to understand language
  • Access to the system 24x7, allowing you to save progress and return when at your convenience
  • An online database of terms and their definitions used in completing the Self Assessment
  • Information to help you understand PCI compliance and how it affects your company
  • Security awareness documents and programs that you can print out or save
  • Policies and procedures to better manage your data security, including password management, virus protection and firewall management
  • Employee handbook inserts and guides

Breach Protection

This optional program provides you with an extra layer of defense that is specifically designed to help smaller retail businesses cover expenses associated with a suspected or actual data breach: up to $50,000 (no deductible). Coverage includes:

  • Forensic audit expenses, when a breach is suspected
  • Credit card replacement costs and related expenses (printing and shipping new cards to consumers whose cards may have been breached)
  • Assessments and fines levied by card sponsors

PCI merchant education resources

MasterCard PCI Webinars

PCI Compliance Program

Merchant PCI: Frequently Asked Questions


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